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Company’s authority:

The company has the authority to alter and renovate the rule at any moment. If you have placed an order and company has changed its terms and conditions, the company will let you know through a mail notice regarding the change in price or any other infrastructure and will suggest you buy some else product of the same usability.


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The Ethnic Origin is an official and eminent brand which keeps its logos, trades marks and material up to date and unique in every aspect. There will be strict accountancy for any duplication.

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There are fixed priced items on our official website which includes all the taxes. There are no chances of bargains or reduction of prices. You have to agree with the terms and conditions of pricing for order placement.

Personal Information:

The Ethnic Origin keeps your data and personal information saved through the coded layers. Your personal information, passwords and all kind of data are collected and secured. In some cases, we do third-party sharing, but that also has strict rules and regulations and also keeps data safe.

Shipping Charges:

We charge 250 PKR per order. For International shipping, the process is finalized through email. The minimum charges for International shipping are 5000.

Return Policy:

The Ethnic Origin does not offer any return policy. The only clause is of color change that you can hire in return policy. If there any technical fault, we provide the same product in a different color. We offer a replacement policy. If there is an error or failure in the delivered order, you can contact us for a replacement and return system. In case of any mistake, register your complaint within 7 Days, after After 7 Days your claim will not be considered valid.

Warranties Check Service:

We are providing our esteemed customers warrantee checks services. This service lasts for 7 days after order delivery. Within 7 Days Terms & Conditions you can contact us for change, returns or replacement services.

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You can avail our services by logging in to our official website, i.e.

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For further quarries and information, you can contact us at We also provide our alternative email address for the ease of our customers. Our alternative email address is